Cognosys Video Cloud Solution: An Ideal Banking & Branch Audit for Financial Institutions

Cognosys Cogconf: A Microsoft Azure Cloud Based Low Bandwidth Video Conferencing & Webcast SaaS Offering

December 30, 2014, Pune, India – Cognosys Technologies today proudly announced the launch of Cognosys Cogconf Cloud, a multi-device video conferencing and Webcast service for banking industry, Salesforce automation and Compliance product for Financial Institutions. Cognosys Conferencing is a Microsoft Azure cloud based Media Solution which provides two way Video conferencing within a traditional webcast by allowing a viewer to become part of the video conference at a click of a button controlled by a moderator. Large enterprises have been using this product for their Townhall events but this is the first time this is being offered across multiple devices as a pay per use model using cloud with seamless integration with organization’s active directory.

This provides a seamless integration across corporate intranet as well as Public internet participants encompassing LAN users as well as low bandwidth 2G/3G users working in remote locations. With special emphasis to serve very low bandwidth locations, Cognosys Conferencing solution targets providing interactive learning using Audio Video for remote villages as well as providing interface for Healthcare industry wherein remote users can talk to specialists or senior doctors in urban areas without investing in any special hardware or software. With ease of running directly from mobile device or from a browser and with no dependency on any hardware or software, this proves to be a zero maintenance solution for roll out across locations and with no learning curve.

Given the ease of adding multiple participants at a click of a button, this can be easily scalable from a few users to a large group participating in a very interactive way with desktop share, joining with only audio and moderated video conferencing. Cognosys Cogconf being multi-device compatible allows multi users video conference with the philosophy of anytime anywhere remote collaboration. It allows moderating facilities to host meetings and provides presenters and speakers with privileged logins with role based access. For multi-party audio and video conferencing, it also allows multiple presentation displays, remote control of viewer Audio and Video with single click pull in feature.

Webcast functionalities with Cognosys Cogconf allows users to join the conference as private video participant or public viewer. This is an audio-video Conferencing solution designed for internal and external meetings, internal auditing, Virtual learning as well as offering remote healthcare. With built in SSL Layer, All data is completely encrypted and safe from any man in the middle attacks thus providing corporations with complete security even when the media is flowing through internet. Additional features like Polls, Q&A, Text Chat etc addons help bring value to the discussion and help to keep meeting notes. This helps the presenters and the audience increase bidirectional flow of information from corporate to the field and vice versa, thus removing the monotonous dialogue which a normal town hall suffers from.

With Zero maintenance and no client side hardware or other requirements compared to other expensive alternate solutions, Cognosys Cogconf prioritizes on saving money, time and provides instant scalability without any vendor lock in or need of any infra deployment.

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