Collaboration Squared Introduces New Ubiety Video Conferencing Enterprise Licensing

Collaboration Squared Introduces New Ubiety Video Conferencing Enterprise Licensing with Unlimited Users, Unlimited Meeting Spaces and Unlimited Global Phone Conferencing

March 23, 2017, New York, NY – Collaboration Squared, a global Cisco collaboration and conferencing service provider, today announced that their award winning Ubiety cloud bridging service powered by Cisco Meeting Server technology is introducing a new enterprise pricing including unlimited users, unlimited meeting spaces and unlimited global phone conferencing.

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Included with all Ubiety Meeting Spaces is full interoperability across

  • Video Endpoints (SIP/H323/TIP)
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco Meeting app
  • Cisco Spark
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Web Guest (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/WebRTC)
  • Phone Conferencing

Including global access phone dial in for over 40 countries worldwide for no extra per minute cost.

Because unlimited meeting spaces are included in all enterprise subscriptions customers have the option to pair a dedicated reservationless Ubiety Meeting Space to every meeting room video endpoint (e.g. Cisco Spark Board, other Cisco endpoints, Polycom endpoints or software based USB enabled PC/Mac endpoints); meaning any user or guest can walk into a video enabled meeting room and initiate an instant secure multiparty video call with full remote guest access and full interoperability.

In addition, for customers that have implemented Cisco Spark to their end users there is a world first integration called Ubiety Advanced Meetings for Cisco Spark that for every new Spark Space that’s created and has more than two participants, a duplicate interoperable reservationless Ubiety Meeting Space is created and inserted into the Spark Space creating an interoperable guest access environment for Spark, accessible by the Spark app and all other supported access methods mentioned above.

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To learn more about Ubiety Advanced Meetings for Cisco Spark visit

Daryl Hutchings, CEO of Collaboration Squared states, “Enabling the highest quality collaboration technology to enterprise organizations of literally any size and not be limited by the volume of users they create, gives the customer the ability to mass adopt the Ubiety service without clock watching each individual user’s usage statistics. And with the new enterprise plans starting at just $5k per month, it means any organization can start for a minimal monthly cost for their entire organization and increase their license size only when their adoption significantly increases.”

Collaboration Squared is a global conferencing and collaboration service provider with offices in New York, London, Singapore and Sydney. As a Cisco collaboration specialist offering Ubiety the Cisco Meeting Server based cloud collaboration platform that takes interoperability of video conferencing, web collaboration and phone conferencing to an unprecedented new level, with a simplified intuitive user interface and now Cisco collaboration endpoints and Cisco Spark service delivering messaging, meeting and calling from the cloud to organizations of any size.

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