Common Videoconferencing Problems and How to Fix Them

As federal agencies continue using audio and videoconferencing services, they need to ensure those meetings are running smoothly.

Story by Carolyn Shapiro, FedTech

When Scott Wharton offered to take his son to a Golden State Warriors game four years ago, the teenager told his dad that he’d rather watch their favorite basketball team on TV than in person.

At home, he pointed out, he can enjoy the event from the comfort of his couch. He can record the action and pause when he wants a bathroom break or a snack. He can see multiple views of the court, much closer than he would from affordable seats in the arena, and hear the broadcast announcers’ play-by-play banter.

Wharton, general manager and vice president of Logitech Video Collaboration, remembers this every time he hears someone say that videoconferencing for professional meetings and social interactions will never match the experience of connecting with colleagues, friends and family in the same room. That’s true, Wharton acknowledges, but in many ways, teleconferencing can improve on an in-person encounter.

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