Compass Business Solutions Launches Borderless Learning Programs for Mentored and Blended Learning


September 2, 2015, Henderson, NV – Compass Business Solutions, a leading specialized learning partner for Cisco, has launched 19 new Borderless Learning Programs as part of its mentoring and blended learning approach. These programs offer live instruction, electronic learning, labs and mentoring for professionals in need of IT, Desktop Software, Security, Cloud, Project Management, Leadership and other training.

“Employee retention has dropped from an average of 9 years to less than 3 years. Companies are struggling to address the causes. According to Gallup less than one-third of employees feel engaged at work. Add to that the growing frustration from lack of relevant training and we see the result of employees jumping from company to company,” said Jules Trono, President and CEO of Compass Business Solutions. “Training programs need to do more than provide generic knowledge. They need to contribute to an employee’s sense of value and contribution, making them want to stay and grow within a company. Our Borderless Learning Programs provide the live interaction and mentoring that is not always available within a company because employees today are expected to be self-motivated and self-sufficient.” Compass has launched Borderless Learning Programs for both IT and non-IT employees, covering leadership and professional development as well as desktop software user and IT technical topics.

“Whether an employee needs help with Excel or Outlook, or they need to get a Six Sigma certification, they want the flexibility to choose how and when they learn,” said Donna Wyvill, VP of Operations and Content for Compass Business Solutions. “This is even more important when you take into account that as many as 40% of a company’s employees could be contractors. They need training solutions that provide the flexibility to pick and choose topics without requiring travel or absence from the office for weeks at a time. The blended learning approach of the Borderless Learning Programs allow them to break-up training into manageable chunks with access to live mentors throughout their learning subscription. It is the best of all worlds. Compass is the largest learning provider focused on unified collaboration and telepresence training globally, and provides training for many other specializations such as Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Mile 2, ITIL, Juniper, NetApp, Pexip, VMware and PMP.

Companies or students interested in learning more about Compass’ training programs in the US and globally can visit, and can contact Lisa Santiago at +1 (760) 688-4045 or +1 (877) 234-0635 for more information.

About Compass Business Solutions
Compass Business Solutions is a learning company that offers training to help people achieve and maintain training and certifications that are necessary to win and perform work, including Mile2, Cisco, Microsoft, ITIL, PMP and others. In addition to traditional 1-week training classes Compass offers the Borderless Learning Program for blended live virtual and electronic learning. This program removes the travel burden from students through live virtual delivery of instruction and on-demand lab access, and spreads out the time commitment so you are not out of the field for a week at a time. The program also provides mentoring so you can continue to get questions answered throughout the subscription term. This gives you an advantage in the ability to maintain current knowledge with extended hands-on access to lab equipment.

Compass was founded in 2008 by communication industry professionals who have been working with telecommunication and video technologies since 1989 and who helped launch Tandberg University in the USA in 2006, then becoming Cisco’s first authorized TelePresence Specialist Learning Partner in the US.

Compass is a certified WBE/WOSB.


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