Compugen to Resell Telemerge Telepresence-as-a-Service Video Collaboration Technology Across Canada


September 2, 2014, Markham, Ontario and Richmond Hill, Ontario, – Telemerge Canada Inc. and Compugen Inc. have announced a new partnership agreement that brings cloud-based video conferencing services to Compugen’s existing service offering. With this agreement, Compugen is authorized to resell Telemerge’s Telepresence-as-a-Service (TPaaS) video collaboration services across Canada. Telemerge’s TPaaS solution is a subscription based video conferencing service that makes it simple for companies of any size to take advantage of the many benefits—both obvious and less obvious—that video collaboration brings to an organization.

As an addition to Compugen’s product and service portfolio, video collaboration fits well with Compugen’s commitments to simplifying technology and to environmentally responsible initiatives. Video offers client organizations the opportunity to reduce travel needs by adopting video conferencing on a larger scale while improving communications overall.

“Good communication drives good business, and we see Telemerge’s cloud-based video collaboration technology as a means of making better communication accessible to more of our clients through a simplified model for delivering video services,” said Dane Hobbins, Compugen’s National Director, Communications and Collaboration. “Video is a green technology that meshes well with our efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of IT practices.”

Added Telemerge CEO Simon Doo, “In Compugen we’ve found a partner who is as passionate about video collaboration as we are. The combination of our technology with Compugen’s position in the Canadian market makes partnering a positive move for everyone. Bringing greater recognition to the environmental piece will help continue the trend that we’ve already seen more and more organizations leveraging.”

As part of a unified communications strategy, video collaboration offers savings in time and money through reduction in travel, better productivity and faster decision making. Compugen’s long history of providing creative solutions to the complex business problems of organizations across Canada paired with Telemerge’s cloud-based technology will afford companies of all sizes reliable and flexible video collaboration that meets their individual needs.

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