COWORKING in a Small Town: Lessons Learned


Story by TechyMike

In 2009, our country was in the middle of the worst recession in history and many people were unemployed.  I was retired (from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) but hoping to become a teacher.  Seeing the job market for teachers be completely wiped out, but having some extra money in the bank and retirement money coming in, I decided to start my own business…..preferably one based on my passions of encouraging and evangelizing: telecommuting, videoconferencing, & remote work.

Surfing the Internet, I happened upon a relatively new concept for office space: Coworking. The parallels to the 1990’s neighborhood telework center concept I worked on, were apparent, but with a modern technological twist (Internet, wifi, cell phones, laptop computers, etc), and with a social component not covered in the old concepts.

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