Creative Collaboration and Music Through Video Conferencing


Story by Sanje Witter

Creative collaboration has heightened the success of many musical scores. In fact, Web Dam reports that creative collaboration has become more important, allowing composers, musicians, singers, and even test audiences to participate in stages of the song process more than ever before. Video conferencing has had a role to play in this development, particularly as the overall quality of live video streaming has improved. There are however a couple of things that you will want to bear in mind as you attempt creative collaboration over the Internet.

Sound Will Be Different

Unlike collaborating with art or writing, music requires accuracy in tone and sound. When sharing a performance on YouTube or another similar site, all of the instruments and vocals involved in the act would have been performed simultaneously or unified in some way. So while there may be some distortion between the actual sound in the performance and the sound that the listener hears, it will at least be consistent.
When you have a creative team working together at different locations, the distortion will be more problematic. Even with quality services like Blue Jeans, the sound quality will vary. You should test each device to determine the cause of the distortion. This way, if you do practice together online and off sounds arise, you will know whether there are because of an error or just part of the distortion. Send samples of the distortion back and forth. Each device you use will have a slightly different change to the music. You will need to account for these to create true tones.

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