DermatologistOnCall Telemedicine Service Delivers a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

DermatologistOnCall, powered by Iagnosis, receives 98% recommendation rating from patients while nationally only about 82% of patients are willing to recommend their physician(s).

December 11, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA – DermatologistOnCall, a growing network of dermatologists that provides patients with convenient, board-certified access to dermatological care using a computer, tablet or smartphone, delivers a 98% recommendation rating from its patients for its online service. This is according to a new customer satisfaction study that asked patients to rate their experience using the service shortly after completing a visit.

The healthcare industry as a whole has been struggling to meet customer expectations and national benchmark results show only about 82% of patients are willing to recommend their physician (SullivanLuallinGroup‐MGMA Practice Benchmarks). The teledermatology service provider DermatologistOnCall has exceeded these results with a 98% rating by providing high quality care that focuses on quick, easy to use and convenient online access to skin care. In some markets, wait time to see a dermatologist is two-and-a-half months. With DermatologistOnCall, patients receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan and if necessary a prescription, all typically in fewer than 11 hours.

“DermatologistOnCall allows me to offer quality and timely access to care for a patient who would normally have to wait up to four months,” said Dr. Lisa Pawelski, a board-certified dermatologist who practices in Pennsylvania. “It provides an option for patients who may be experiencing distress to seek an immediate and quality solution.”

The full teledermatology customer satisfaction report showed key factors leading patients to use DermatologistOnCall were convenience and ease of use, but what is especially noteworthy is the exceptionally high ratings for the quality of care patients received. When asked, “How helpful was DermatologistOnCall at diagnosing and explaining your medical condition(s),” an astounding 92% answered either “Extremely Helpful” or “Quite Helpful.”

“Unlike an in-office visit, DermatologistOnCall patients will receive a copy of their diagnosis and treatment plan, which can be faxed to their primary care physician or regular dermatologist if they aren’t a part of the DermatologistOnCall network,” said Dr. Mark Seraly, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of DermatologistOnCall. “We want to make seeking care from board-certified dermatologists easy and stress-free, which is why patients can submit cases any time of day, any day of the week and virtually chat with their dermatologist about the condition.”

DermatologistOnCall has successfully removed the hassle that has plagued the healthcare industry to deliver a service that combines excellent results and convenience to patients. The telemedicine platform has established a large network of state-licensed, U.S. Board Certified dermatologists that specialize in the delivery of online skin care. Through the secure, HIPAA/HITECH-compliant website, dermatologists can address more than 3,000 diseases of the skin, hair and nails, including common problems such as acne, shingles, hair loss, poison ivy, and psoriasis.

About DermatologistOnCall
DermatologistOnCall® is an online teledermatology platform that offers quick and convenient access to affordable, high-quality skin care. Through a secure website, board-certified dermatologists provide patients with a diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan which includes counseling on the condition. DermatologistOnCall® makes access to a dermatologist easier than ever, enabling patients to get quality care that is fast and convenient. DermatologistOnCall is powered by Iagnosis®, a virtual health leader in developing innovative platforms for delivering accessible, high-quality skin care solutions. For more information, visit or

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