Digital Samba Launches New Version of OnSync; Over 100 New Features, Improvements and Fixes

Host and control Webinars and Virtual Classrooms from all mobile devices thanks to addition of OnSync’s unique Media Library to the OnSync Mobile Client. Important API extension gives educational and white label customers deeper integration possibilities.
December 19, 2014, Barcelona, Spain Digital Samba today announced the release of OnSync 4.2.9, extending the feature set of it’s web conferencing solution for webinars, virtual classrooms and white label partners.”Next to all the amazing new features we are able to bring to our customers, the big news is that we have totally revamped our development process” explains Robert Strobl, CMO of Digital Samba. “Since the move to agile development practices, Digital Samba has been releasing public versions every six to eight weeks. This allows us bring updates to our customers even faster and immediately react to market feedback on where we can improve further”.Of the over 100 new features, improvements and fixes, the most striking are:
  • Open and control files from media library on mobile.
  • Support for multiple screens when screen sharing.
  • Beautiful new invitation emails, “brand-able” for white label and server customers.
  • Share multiple pieces of content at the same time.
  • Recording timer.
  • New company account type for our white label customers.
  • Improved CSV import to address book.
  • API improvements.
  • Lobby user sounds.
This is a combo-update of four versions, each with their own detailed list of features: 4.2.6, 4.2.7, 4.2.8 and 4.2.9.
Open and control files from media library on mobile
As mobile devices gain marketshare in internet connectivity, more and more users are attending and moderating webinars and virtual classrooms from their mobile devices.The addition of a media library to the mobile version of OnSync allows customers to access the files they have uploaded to their OnSync space on-the-go, open and control content and interact with their audience in audio and video conferencing.”The OnSync mobile library really shines on the beautiful, larger displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus” adds Robert Strobl.
Support for multiple screens when screen sharing
Professional internet marketers using OnSync for large webinars, or teachers using OnSync for virtual classrooms, love to use multiple screens – one screen to share content and a second screen to keep control over the activities in the room.OnSync now allows you to select which screen you are sharing and fully supports selecting single or multiple applications, or even individual application windows, whatever screen they may be on.
Better looking and easier to use email invitations
Most webinars start with an email invitation.OnSync has made joining sessions easier by redesigning the emails that are sent out to invitees and moderators.White Label and Enterprise Server customers have the chance to fully customize and brand the message they are sending out. Integrated calendaring files allow you to add the event to your calendar with a single click.
Show multiple pieces of content at the same time
A meeting in OnSync is often done by showing a presentation or document to participants.OnSync provide users with the ability to show more document types than any other tool in the industry, including PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and even Youtube videos.OnSync now allows multiple documents to be displayed on screen at the same time, thereby giving teachers the ability to compare pieces of content to each other. Marketers can drop a logo while, for example, showing a PowerPoint presentation.Even whiteboarding or screensharing is now supported at the same time, in separate windows.Each content window can hold multiple pieces of content in tabs, making it very easy to conduct an engaging webinar.
Recording timer
OnSync’s full recording feature has been extended with an in-session recording timer.Moderators need to keep track of the length of their recordings as people will only show interest if the recording is of a reasonable length.The person managing the recording can start, pause and stop the recording as needed, using the timer as a guideline. Post-session, the recording can be edited.
Lobby user sounds
The OnSync lobby feature gives a moderator more control, selecting the people who can join a webinar or virtual classroom before they enter.A session can be configured to automatically move new participants into the lobby area, which can then be moved to the session by the person facilitating the session via a very simple drag & drop interface.Sessions can be become demanding and new participants in the lobby can remain unnoticed.The new lobby sound will gently notify you when someone is waiting to be let in.

Improved CSV import to address book
The OnSync Address Book is convenient to keep contacts and invite people to a planned session. Importing large numbers of contacts is best done via a CSV import.The new CSV import increases the number of fields which can imported, including all fields visible in the Account Center.
API Improvements & Company Account Type
“We’re proud to expand our eco-system of white label partners and educational institutions. We understand the trust our partners lay in us when they decide to base their core business around our software” says Robert Strobl, Digital Samba’s CMO.The API of OnSync allows customers who deeply integrate with their third party and Learning Mangement Systems to create a seemless experience for their audience.New API calls and the introduction of a whole new account type further extend these capabiltites and allow the creation of new commercial models:
  • Better readability of API errors.
  • New parameters in the API for session user limit, recording limit and total media library size limit.
  • Moved settings from product to service plan for more intuitive management.
  • Define user roles through the API.
  • Include custom fields in the advanced sessions API.
  • API management of company connection limits, simultaneous sessions, simultaneous broadcasters, simultaneous attendees, account holders per service plan.
“This is the strongest version of OnSync we have ever released” says Robert Strobl, “and there’s a lot more to come, the next update is just around the corner”.
About Digital Samba
Digital Samba is the leading developer of the award-winning OnSync Enterprise Server web conferencing solution. OnSync is used by customers to run large webinars, virtual classrooms, meet, present, train and demonstrate to small or large groups with unrivaled voice-over-IP and live video quality. Share files, slide presentations, desktop, & more. OnSync is entirely browser-based, cross-platform and mobile. OnSync is available for resale as a full-feature white-label web conferencing solution. For more information, or a live demonstration of OnSync online meetings, visit or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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