Digital Samba’s New OnSync 5.0.5 Delivers Major Improvements

Digital Samba’s New OnSync 5.0.5 Delivers Major Improvements to Functionality, Usability, Performance and Control

OnSync 5.0.5 features live captioning, better screen sharing, optimized Q&A features, recurring session scheduling, public sessions, and an easier way to evaluate poll results.

December 8, 2016, Barcelona – Digital Samba, SL announced today that it has released version 5.0.5 of OnSync: its award-winning, all-in-one web conferencing solution for sales presentations, webinars, training sessions, or any other invitation-only or company-wide communications event.

Unlike conventional web conferencing tools that are limited by inefficient codecs and bandwidth constraints, and that require complex and costly on-premise installations, OnSync is completely
browser-based, cross-platform and mobile. Users simply enter a private online meeting room to enjoy a professional-grade, high quality video and audio experience.

Like its predecessor version 5.0 that launched in mid-2016, the new version of OnSync 5.0.5 offers major new improvements, including the switch to a new telephony provider for better performance, and extended PSM (Phonesync Middleware) capabilities for integration with additional telephony services. Key new and enhanced features include the capacity to:

  • Upload customized photos, which are displayed to participants when they sign-up for a webinar or other event via the registration page.
  • Schedule recurring OnSync sessions, which are ideal for regular team meetings, training classes, etc.
  • Control meeting rooms with a floating panel, while simultaneously sharing the screen and interacting with participants via chat.
  • Choose what codecs are being shared and set session quality levels, which optimizes OnSync in extreme bandwidth scenarios.
  • Download poll results as a .CSV file to create impressive graphs, tables and charts, or make an API call to integrate the results with other apps and systems in the environment.
  • Collect more data by asking participants to provide their email address before logging into a session, which helps organizers target them with post-session assets such as a recording, special offers, etc.
  • Publish sessions to a publicly-accessible page, so that participants can more conveniently sign-up.
  • Privately answer a participant’s questions through an improved Q&A synclet, and edit or delete messages in chat.
  • Toggle the desired time format (24h or 12h) and date format (DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY).

In addition, OnSync 5.0.5 features several usability and UX improvements, including the ability for Windows users (like their Mac counterparts) to share high resolution 4K and above screens, a streamlined and less-cluttered conference synclet layout, and support for Hebrew characters in chat along with other non-Latin languages such as Arabic and Cyrillic. Administrators can now also:

  • Control storage levels by limiting the media library file size of any child account.
  • Add live captioning abilities to a session (requires using a caption provider hosted on
  • Recreate or delete dial-in PINs for OnSync cloud customers that are assigned to an account.

More information about OnSync 5.0.5, including detailed feature descriptions, demo videos, use cases, technical specifications, reseller information, and pricing options is available at A 30-day free trial is available on all plans.

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