Discover Video Releases DEVOS 4.4 Packed With Learning Path, MultiViewer And Much More


October 26, 2016, Wallingford, CT – Discover Video today announced DEVOS 4.4 with numerous new capabilities including Learning Path, MultiViewer, Streampump, Set Top Box and other exciting features. DEVOS is an award winning enterprise visual communications platform for recording, managing, and delivering high quality video content. The new DEVOS features will benefit internal and external communications in various types and sizes of organizations.

“DEVOS 4.4 includes spectacular new features that will appeal to all schools, government, and enterprises” said Rich Mavrogeanes, Discover Video’s CEO. “DEVOS continues to evolve based on new industry standards and market requirements. We continually anticipate our customer’s needs and respond with best-in-class solutions.”

DEVOS 4.4 New Features:

StreamPump – Branch office video caching device to alleviate Internet bandwidth issues. Available in three models for 25 to 1000 remote desktops. Works with both DEVOS on-premises server and cloud based system. Great for live or on-demand video.

MultiViewer – New desktop and mobile player allowing viewers to see up to four video streams simultaneously. Viewers can watch live or recorded multi-video sessions and can adjust their viewing layout on-the-fly. Ideal for lecture capture, security, and medical visualization.

Set Top Box – New STB for viewing live or on-demand content from a DEVOS server. Inexpensive and simple to use device for classrooms, boardrooms, etc. Includes control system for auxiliary devices such as projectors and TVs.

Learning Path – Empowers users to create training/educational courses within the DEVOS system. Using a graphical interface anyone can create courses/lessons composed of videos, documents, images, and tests. Specific learning paths can be developed for students and trainees while insuring educational material is understood.

Enhanced Digital Signage – Within DEVOS you can now create custom signs that inform your audience. With SignStick® and DV Media Player you can now download playlists from DEVOS and display them locally. Ideal for bandwidth challenged locations.

About Discover Video, LLC

Discover Video is a leading software, hardware, and services provider that empowers customers with the ability to broadcast and deliver live and on-demand video, presentations, and digital signage to employees, students, or the general public. We focus on the enterprise where network citizenship and security are crucial. We support all five screens and we provide a complete ecosystem. Our customers include educational institutions, schools, corporations, and local, state, and federal governments.


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