Drum Announces the Release of its New Web Meeting Management Solution

Drum announces the release of its new web meeting management solution. This follows on from the launch of its web meeting API earlier in 2016. Drum now provides a comprehensive meeting management dashboard for the end user, enabling them to host meetings, manage meetings and manage teams.

November 2, 2016, Brighton – Drum, a Brighton-based conferencing software company, is releasing its new meeting management tool, which delivers an extensive range of features for hosting and managing web meetings.

As with previous releases – such as the web meeting API launched earlier in 2016 – the web meeting solution remains browser-based, using HTML5 and CSS3 with WebRTC. The core meeting functionality remains the same providing instant access to flexible browser-based communications and collaboration tools inside a web meeting. In addition, Drum allows users to embed the guest meeting room inside the user’s website to reaffirm their brand identity.

Drum delivers a comprehensive set of features, including browser-based audio, PSTN dial-in, messaging, chat, document sharing, document collaboration, screen sharing, waiting room, polling, Q&A and attendee search. Furthermore, the solution’s new feature that allows you to manage your meetings and your team has the potential to add further value to your web meetings. Team members can be given pre-assigned rights to access meetings within specific meeting rooms. This means your marketing meetings remain within the pre-assigned marketing web meeting room.

“Web meetings have increasingly become a large part of our daily professional lives. We want to replicate the in-person experience inside a virtual environment. Web meetings should be as simple to attend and manage as your traditional face-to-face meetings, if not simpler,” said John Logsdon, CEO and founder of Drum.

Drum currently boasts a user base in excess of 1,000 companies, which have successfully transitioned from the early-access Drum platform and onto the live platform – now available through the Drum website. Drum provides a 28-day free trial for each of its two paid tiers: Standard and Pro. Alternatively, there is also a freemium model made available for all users. To sign up, all you need is an email address.

In 2016, Drum launched its instant web meeting API, enabling organisations and developers to immediately embed web meetings into existing services and websites, using either JS or HTML. This streamlines meeting access whilst removing the limits on communicating quickly and securely via the web. Integrating directly into any website or existing service ensures the brand experience is maintained by the meeting host.

The API remains available for developers and organisations looking to create their own web-meeting solution for internal or reselling purposes.

About Drum

Drum, formed in 2011 by John Logsdon, uses WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver browser-based web meetings inside your existing service and/or website. Drum’s in-house expertise ensures your online meetings are just as effective as the ones you hold offline. Drum offers two separate versions of web meetings. The first is an embeddable web meeting API; the second is a standalone solution for meetings and meeting management hosted in the UK and the US.


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