Drum Becomes Slack’s Most Popular Enterprise App


March 23, 2016, Brighton, UK – Drum’s cloud-based web-meeting platform is now the most popular app for enterprises in the Slack App Directory, coming out in front of larger companies such as PayPal.

Drum has been featured in the cloud-based messaging app’s directory since late September 2016, demonstrating the target market’s need for a solution that offers a modern web-meeting experience. Drum selected Slack for its first integration for several reasons: it is one of the fastest-growing companies in history and, just like Drum, it is designed to improve productivity in professional teams.

Drum and Slack

“Being Slack’s most popular app for enterprises is testament to the flexibility of Drum and our team,” said John Logsdon, CEO and founder of Drum. “Drum has been designed to focus on usability and accessibility for all users from companies of all sizes. Scaling up Drum, like all solutions, is always something we wanted to do to ensure the enterprise need is met. This confirms the scalability of Drum,” he added.

This integration has also allowed existing Drum users to integrate two of their collaboration tools with a simple (‘/’) command. Meeting replays are fed directly into the same channel where the meeting was originally created. But users do not need to create an account to use Drum, although account holders benefit from additional pre- and post-meeting services.

Drum is taking the lead in the development and application of real-time communications while integrating fixed, mobile, WebRTC voice into a single solution. It delivers a comprehensive set of features including browser-based audio, dial-in conferencing, messaging, chat, document sharing and collaboration. Screen sharing is now also available and can be accessed immediately through Slack. All meetings created with Drum can be played back in real time, whilst the new Slack integration allows users to create meetings instantly by entering the ‘/drum’ command.

Shortly after launching its Slack App last year, Drum went on to establish its web meeting platform, enabling organisations to immediately create and join meetings within a browser.

Drum allows each team to embed their meeting room into any website simply by using a snippet of code (available in their team view). This streamlines access to meetings and removes any security or speed limitations. And, by integrating the room directly into any website or existing service, the meeting host can ensure that the experience remains on brand.

About Drum
Drum, formed in 2011 by John Logsdon, utilises WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver browser-based web meetings inside your existing service and/or website. Drum’s in-house expertise ensures your web meetings are just as effective as any real-life meetings you hold. The Brighton-based company offers two separate web meeting versions: an embeddable web meeting API, and a standalone web meeting solution for your meetings and meeting management hosted in the UK and the US.



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