Drum Launches Embeddable Web Meetings to Sit Inside Your Branded Experience


January 26, 2016, Brighton, UK – Drum announces the release of its new web meeting solution, ShareAnywhere. With the choice of JS or HTML, you can embed the web meeting solution directly into your website, internal portal or even your existing service. With no downloads or system requirements, meetings can be accessed instantly through a unique meeting URL. ShareAnywhere provides a range of features allowing meeting hosts and attendees to join the meeting with either browser-based communication or via PSTN to present and collaborate on documents in a secure reliable meeting environment.

“Meetings can no longer be seen as a hassle for meeting colleagues and clients online. Users need to be gaining access to their meetings almost instantly without having to think about which version is downloaded or whether they can remember their meeting pin” said the marketing manager at Drum, Laurence Chandler. Laurence continued on to suggest the user demands and expectations have changed from the joyous feeling of having the capability to meet online to the demand of having no restrictions to do so.

Brands continue to urge the growth of their brand and its awareness to its customers and employees. Keeping meetings inside your branded experience provide companies with two levels of benefits. The first of which is ensuring the meeting experience remains within their brand rather than a third parties brand. In addition, the ease of entering the meeting suddenly becomes that much easier with no additional login credentials, remembering lengthy pins or downloading additional software.

ShareAnywhere provides all of its users with the following features:

  • WebRTC enabled audio and video
  • The methods of meeting presentation; share your screen, present files (from local drive or all major cloud storage services) and create whiteboards
  • Document collaboration tools: laster pointer, pencil, and slide controls
  • PSTN dial-in for participants who are not web enabled
  • Waiting room for guests
  • Replay every meeting in real-time

ShareAnywhere is currently being used by WebRTC leading expert, Tsahi Levent-Levi. Here are a few words from Tsahi as to why he has chosen ShareAnywhere and he will be using the solution.

“I’ve always wanted to dogfood. I have been assisting companies for the past two years with their WebRTC strategy, but the only WebRTC thing that I did myself was conduct online meetings with them.”

The full use case can be found here: https://thisisdrum.com/blog/2015/12/11/a-consultant-receives-their-dedicated-virtual-meeting-room-with-shareanywhere/

About Drum
Drum is a telecommunications company based in Brighton born from NetDev, a renowned telecommunications company who power the UK’s largest conferencing company in the UK. Drum provides a flexible solution to accompany your existing service within your website or platform. User experience is at the centre of what we do here at Drum. Ensuring the solution is straight forward to use and benefit from effective meetings. You can contact Drum through all major social media channels or via email.


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