Drum Makes Meeting Replay and Screen-Sharing Features Available to Users Free


February 16, 2017, Brighton – Drum, a Brighton-based conferencing software company, announced today that it has significantly expanded the set of features available on its free plan.

The free plan now includes the meeting replay facility, allowing all users to continue to make use of the meeting even after it has finished. Meeting replays can be downloaded and stored locally or viewed within the user’s Drum team. Previously, this feature was only available on the paid plans.

Screen sharing is also now available on the free plan. This means both hosts and presenters can share any part of their screen with other users. Users can also benefit from screen sharing using Drum’s instant meetings, but they will need to create a free Drum account to access the replays.

However, features such as white label – which allows the user to change the colour of the widget embedded in their existing website – and conference size – which tells you how many people are on a conference call – remain restricted to the paid version.

“Our latest development is a testament to how we are continuing to provide a substantial web meeting solution at a lower cost. We feel these features should be made available to all users. We expect the meeting replay feature to be a significant bonus to free users for analysing meetings,” said John Logsdon, CEO and founder of Drum.

The ability to replay meetings represents a significant step forward and adds meaning and a point of reference to every meeting, ensuring users are able to absorb more information.

Furthermore, after conducting a selection of surveys, Drum realised that most users, free and paid, expect to be able to share their screens during web meetings.

In 2016, Drum launched its web meeting dashboard, enabling organisations – small or large – to meet online and manage their meetings and teams. Drum Meetings retains HTML5, CSS3 and WebRTC to operate solely within the browser to remove the need for product downloads. In addition, the Drum meeting API remains available for developers and organisations looking to create their own web-meeting solution for internal or resale purposes.

About Drum

Drum uses WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver browser-based web meetings inside your existing service and/or website. Drum’s in-house expertise ensures your online meetings are just as effective as the ones you hold offline. Drum offers two separate versions of web meetings. The first is an embeddable web meeting API; the second is a standalone solution for meetings and meeting management hosted in the UK and the US.


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