Drum Selects Slack to Build Web Meeting Integration as Their Main Priority

Drum’s Cloud-based web meeting platform will now provide a free service through its new Slack integration with their /drum command.

July 6, 2016, Brighton – Slack, one of the fastest growing organisations in history, now features the Drum Web Meeting integration. Slack is a cloud-based messaging app designed for professional teams. Slack is all about productivity within teams. Drum has selected Slack as their first integration. Drum web meetings combine WebRTC with CSS3 and HTML5 to deliver a web meeting platform. Drum offers users instant access to flexible browser-based communications and collaboration tools inside a web meeting.

Drum delivers a comprehensive set of features including browser-based audio, PSTN dial-in, messaging, chat, document sharing and collaboration. Screen sharing is now included with immediate access through Slack. All meetings created with Drum can be played back in real-time, whilst the new Slack integration allows users to create meetings instantly using the /drum slash command. Drum is pioneering in the development and application of real-time communications while integrating fixed, mobile, WebRTC voice into a single solution.

“Quality of Service (QoS) and the type of offering from Slack has meant the integration is a natural progression of Drum. Slack continues to grow and demonstrate strong signs of providing the users what they want. As our user base grows, we notice a larger proportion of our users are also using Slack. ” said John Logsdon, CEO and founder of Drum.

Drum will use the Slack app store to deliver a browser-based web meeting experience at no cost. It allows Drum to demonstrate, to a targeted audience, the capabilities of a modern web meeting experience. In addition, the Slack integration will help Slack users remove the hassle and cost of using traditional services. The meeting replay is fed directly into the same channel where the meeting was originally created. Drum is now removing the need for sign-up and or registration with their free instant web meetings.

In 2016, Drum launched its instant web meeting API enabling organisations to immediately embed web meetings into existing services and websites, with either JS or HTML. This streamlines access to meetings and removes the limits on communicating quickly and securely via the web. Integrating directly into any website or existing service ensures the brand experience is maintained by the meeting host.

About Drum

Drum, formed in 2011 by John Logsdon, utilises WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver browser-based web meetings inside your existing service and/or website. Drum’s in-house expertise ensure your web meetings are just as effective as your previous meeting. Drum offers two separate versions of web meetings. The first which is an embeddable web meeting API. The second offering is a standalone web meeting solution for your meetings and meeting management hosted in the UK and USA.


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