DTEN Announces That It Has Teamed Up With Zoom for AI Powered Video Conference Solution

DTEN Board for Zoom Rooms Combine Highly Integrated Interactive Whiteboard Platform and Cloud Video Conferencing to Optimize Meetings and Increase Productivity

March 13, 2018, San Jose, CA – DTEN Inc. today announced that it has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, both leaders in modern enterprise video communications solutions, to develop the DTEN Board for Zoom Rooms. The interactive, adaptive, all-in-one whiteboard instantly creates smart, face-to-face meeting experiences. With AI technology integrated into a visual collaboration platform combined with Zoom’s popular cloud-based video communications, DTEN Board for Zoom Rooms is changing how enterprise companies meet and work together.

DTEN Board for Zoom Rooms automate and innovate workplace meeting set up and management with a compact AI video conference system that is wireless and customizable for meeting space, size, and participant needs. Teams can easily meet and collaborate together face-to-face, either remote or in-office, in clean modern workspaces for video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, or presentations. AI technology enables automatic speaker tracking, face detection and learns lighting and audio patterns to adjust to different environment space settings. Meetings can be recorded to the Zoom cloud for easy sharing.

“Zoom is here to take the work out of meetings,” said Oded Gal, head of product management for Zoom. “Working with DTEN is a great way to do that. Teams across the globe are empowered like never before with a new way to collaborate together, as if they were in the same room, instantly and seamlessly every time.”

Key DTEN Board features and benefits include:

AI Powered Face-to-Face Experience

  • All-in-one central AI conference system that automatically customizes lighting, visual, and audio for each meeting space
  • High quality visual and audio technology that gives remote participants the same in-room look and experience.
  • Spotlight Video Conference – AI powered tracking, active speaker and face detection (Zoom in on active speaker)

Clean Meeting Space with Seamless Technology Integration

  • Highly Integrated Interactive Whiteboard, that can be used at the same time from multi-located participants, with touch screen, high resolution 4K camera, 16 element microphone array and video conference
  • Companies of all sizes have a high quality solution that can transform any space into a modern, collaborative team space.
  • Flexible integration with customer’s existing microphone and camera to minimize replacement cost

Hassle Free and Affordable Solution

  • DTEN collaboration tools are plug and play frictionless, and require zero learning of user and zero IT support. Users can easily make it work by themselves.
  • DTEN technology drives cost savings with everything you need in one solution. No integration or expensive design costs. Open platform that works intuitively with technology and resources companies already have. No set up needed before meetings.

“DTEN was started to solve the simple problem of outdated meeting rooms that did not have easy technology to support teams working and collaborating together as they do today,” said Wei Liu, CEO and Founder of DTEN.  “We’ve all had technology fail us at the most pivotal moments in meetings, whether it’s a reliable internet connection, finding a convenient power source, or figuring out a maze of cables.  With DTEN Board anyone can set up and lead great meetings, quickly and simply, with the latest video communications technology at their fingertips.  You don’t have to be a technology expert.”

For more on how DTEN and Zoom are creating new generation meeting spaces, please visit dten.com/d7.

About DTEN
DTEN, developer of enterprise collaboration solutions, is changing the way teams connect, communicate and collaborate.  With highly integrated, AI-powered technologies, DTEN helps teams bridge global organizational challenges of time and place.  DTEN solutions provide high quality real time, interactive, face-to-face experiences for teams to work together, from anywhere in the world, in the most creative and efficient ways.


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