DVE Announces the Eye Align Huddle Room 4K Ultra High Def Telepresence System with True Eye Contact Camera Technology


July 25, 2017, Irvine, CA — Digital Video Enterprises (DVE), an award winning telepresence solution provider, announces the launch of the DVE Huddle Room 4K Eye Align Series for studio quality group collaboration and telepresence. The Eye Align Huddle Room presents life-size images of individuals, supported in 4K HD, with a hidden camera behind the image for an eye level perspective.

The DVE Eye Align Huddle Room is a 4k big screen that improves substantially the collaborative experience. The experience is immersive, as if you were sitting on the other side of the table from the conferees — not the traditional observant videoconferencing experience of looking at people on a TV set. Traditional videoconferencing systems have cameras mounted on top of the display screens that capture images of participants looking down. The DVE Eye Align Huddle Room’s hidden camera improves the naturalness of the meeting experience making for the best conferencing experience available. DVE’s Huddle products have been deployed all over the globe by leading corporations, governments, and universities.

The DVE Huddle Room utilizes a revolutionary frameless 4K ultra HD flat panel display custom designed for the new Eye Align 4K Huddle Series. Additionally, new image processing techniques further enhance the image quality. No longer do remote participants need to appear as if they are inside the bezel frame of a TV set. According to DVE’s Co-Founder, Jeff Machtig, “By removing the black bezel frame around the picture and providing the stunning resolution of 4K, we have greatly enhanced the immersive telepresence experience.”

The Eye Aligned Huddle Room is a practical and affordable solution that is intended to be deployed throughout corporate campuses. It is the only true studio quality option for real telepresence. The Huddle is available with many codec options that best fits the client’s existing VTC and IT infrastructure. Further, the Huddle communicates with legacy VTC systems and mobile devices. The DVE Huddle Room is also a full presentational environment where vividly bright images can be used to show 3-D visualizations, big screen data, and 4K TV.

About DVE

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. is the world’s leader in Real Telepresence conferencing. Traditional videoconferencing has been proven to be a poor communication medium, because of the unnatural and awkward experience it provides. DVE’s patented technologies have transformed the mediocrity of traditional videoconferencing into an experience that truly simulates being there in person. Achieved in part by optically concealed cameras behind the images on the display screens, this telepresence system is coupled with next generation hardware and software providing true 4K HD quality images. The experience finally fulfills the promise of effective visual collaboration.


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