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Story by Dave Michels

This last post of this four part series of keynote presentations at Enterprise Connect 2015 is about Google. The keynotes, in order of delivery (and posting), were:

  1. Rowan Trollope of Cisco
  2. Gary Barnett of Avaya
  3. Zig Serafin of Microsoft
  4. Adam Swidler of Google

Keynotes are a tricky a business. There are very few guidelines from the conference organizers other than a window of about 30 minutes. It is up to the presenter, or often their marketing functions, to choose how to spend that time. The options are technically limitless, but the main menu generally includes

  • Visioning
  • Announcements
  • Demos
  • Guests
  • Mocking Competition

What ends up getting included in the keynote communicates priorities – almost as much as what doesn’t get included. That’s why I think it’s important to examine how each chose to use their time. The keynote audience is complex – it has end users, but also has media, analysts, and consultants (not to mention competitors). Even if you ignore all that and just talk to customers and prospects, there’s still a wide range of organization sizes and regions. Enterprise Connect is the largest conference of its kind – globally. The point being it’s actually quite complex to craft (and deliver) a keynote that broadly resonates with the audience.

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