Enhancing Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, and Google Meet Rooms with Crestron Control


In this interview, Sam Kennedy, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Crestron, provides a detailed overview of the latest enhancements to Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms through Crestron Control. He discusses how these new integrations are designed to streamline meeting room management, offering a unified and intuitive user experience.

Learn how Crestron Control seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Teams environments, allowing users to manage room lighting, AV systems, shades, and more from a single interface. Sam Kennedy also touches on the benefits of scalability, security, and the ease of deploying these solutions across various meeting spaces.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current setup or exploring new solutions for unified communications, this interview provides valuable insights into how Crestron’s latest innovations can improve your meeting room functionality.


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