Etiquette for Video Conferencing: Sponge Bob Is Not Invited!


Story by Michelle Powell

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How many of you have fulfilled the dream of working at home? You’re not alone.  More than half of all small businesses in the United States are home-based, with numbers climbing even higher since last reported by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Small Business Administration in 2011.  With so many professionals working from home (entrepreneurs and telecommuting employees), it is no wonder that video conferencing has also spiked in substitution for in-person meetings even regular telephone conference calls. But with such frequency, are we really giving thought to the non-technical aspects of our internet-based meetings?

Inviting someone to join you in a video conference call is the same as hosting that person in your office.  For example, would you feel comfortable greeting him or her and escorting them to your sloppy office? Would you bring your dog or your toddler to the meeting? Would you attend a meeting in your favorite Sponge Bob pajamas in the real world?  Of course not!  But these and other video chat faux pas do reportedly occur.

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