Exploring the Blue Jeans Videoconferencing Service and Apps

High interoperability with other video conferencing providers and no on-premises hardware are the fabric of the Blue Jeans video conferencing service.

Story by David Maldow, TechTarget

Since 2009, Blue Jeans Network Inc. has offered a cloud video conferencing service. The technology began initially as an interoperable video bridge in the cloud, but has since expanded into a full video product. The Blue Jeans video conferencing tools service customers of all sizes and are well-suited for medium to large organizations. The vendor focuses primarily on the North American and European regions.

Blue Jeans’ scalable cloud service has a capacity of 100 participants per meeting. The greatest benefit for customers is removing the need to manage expensive video conferencing hardware on premises. Key features include:

  • Interoperability that connects standard and nonstandard video systems;
  • Scalable multiparty meetings;
  • Mobile, browser-based and phone connectivity;
  • Content sharing;
  • Meeting recording; and
  • Interactive live streaming.

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