Facebook Could Bring ‘Telepresence’ to Real Estate

Virtual reality headset maker acquires startup that’s developing ‘real-time 3-D scene reconstruction’

Story by Teke Wiggin, Inman
Facebook-owned Oculus VR, a maker of virtual reality headgear that will let prospective buyers explore 3-D models of homes, has purchased Surreal Vision, a startup that focuses on “real-time 3-D scene reconstruction,” according to a post on Oculus VR’s blog.

The acquisition highlights the fact that Oculus VR isn’t only out to produce virtual reality gear that could synchronize with 3-D representations rendered by providers such as Matterport or Floored.

The company plans to create those representations itself, opening the door for Oculus VR to add a unique “telepresence”-focused offering to a growing menu of 3-D model options available to real estate agents, developers and listing portals.

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