Finnish Videra Makes It To The Inner Circle Of Cisco

Videra, an Elisa subsidiary specialising in video communication services, is the first in Finland to be granted Cisco’s CMSP certificate for the highest tier of video conferencing services. Of Cisco’s tens of thousands of global partners, only 18 others have been granted the certificate.

August 25, 2014 – Cisco video conferencing service CMSP certificate (Cloud and Managed Services Program) has previously been granted to network giants such as British Telecom, AT&T and Orange Business Service. For Videra, the certificate is significant: it accelerates and makes it easier to provide and to maintain video conferencing services for global customers.

Videra already delivers video conferencing services to almost one hundred countries. In addition to Western countries, other destinations include African countries, the Middle East and Afghanistan. The company’s customer base includes several international organisations and companies, such as Ikea and the UN. Videre’s international competence also strengthens Elisa’s more extensive globalisation strategy.

“Our strategy is to continue our global growth, and here Cisco’s certificate helps a great deal. The introduction of new technology, quick maintenance and problem-solving are considerably faster thanks to the certificate. From now on, we will closely cooperate with Cisco’s sales team in the destination countries of our customers,” says Videra CEO Pasi Mäenpää.

“To be granted Cisco’s CMSP certificate, a company must show to an external, independent auditor that it meets our process, quality and infrastructure requirements. Only few do,” says Simo Leisti, CEO of Cisco Finland and the Baltic countries.

Difficult to attain, the certificate provides considerable concrete benefits: it gives Videra the right to globally deliver Cisco video conferencing equipment and to directly purchase said equipment from local Cisco suppliers. This considerably accelerates the service rendered to customers by Videra, as cameras needed for video conferencing services as an example need not be taken through customs. Certified companies also get other commercial benefits in Cisco’s partner ecosystem.

In addition to Cisco, other equipment manufacturers used by Videra include Polycom,  Microsoft and Vidyo. The manufacturer and the technology are always selected on a case-specific basis, taking the customer’s needs into account.

Additional information:
Videra, CEO Pasi Mäenpää, pasi.maenpaa(at), tel. +358 50 60250
Simo Leisti, CEO of Cisco, Finland and Baltic countries, email simo.leisti(at), tel. +358 204 7061

About Videra
Videra is leading company specializing in visual communication. Videra’s services include videoconferences, digital signage and video enabled customer service solutions as fully outsourced services. Videra operates globally and has over 10,000 delivered service sites in over 100 countries. Videra, established in 1993, employs over 130 people in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russia. Since 2010 Videra has been a part of Elisa-corporation. For additional information, visit

About Elisa
Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers. Elisa provides services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organisations. In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile subscriptions and fixed broadband subscriptions. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor enables international use of services. Elisa is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Large Cap with over 200 000 shareholders. Elisa’s revenue in 2013 was 1.55 billion euros and it employed 4,200 people.

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Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to


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