How Our First Webinar Helped Us Stay Engaged


About Our First Webinar

Our first webinar enabled us to see how much good can come from using video to connect with both current and potential customers. We teamed up with the TrustPilot team which had plenty of previous experience doing them, which in turn allowed us to see how everything typically unfolds in a way that has been proven to work. We ended up walking away with not only an understanding and feel for the details that go into producing a successful joint webinar, but with some insights about how webinars are helpful for business. We’d like to share it all with you here.

Teaming up with TrustPilot

We were fortunate to work with a team that knew what they were doing. We had frequent contact with one another and collaborated throughout the entire creation process – from deciding on the topic, all the way to figuring out the best days to promote the webinar. So we got to learn about how much effort and strategy it takes to set up a live webinar.

Interesting takeaways from the experience

We learned a lot during our experience with this webinar.  First off, webinars take a lot of planning and coordination. Even though we were guest hosts, the process of collaborating ideas and planning everything out does take time. Even with practice and a run-through, errors and mistakes can occur during the live video (thankfully, ours went pretty smoothly). The good thing is that it was presented with two speakers, so each speaker had a little bit of time to process and recollect their thoughts before it was their turn to speak again. This definitely helped soften the few stumbles we did have while presenting.

TrustPilot uses gotowebinar, so we had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the software. This one allows the host to see audience interaction and attendance. Even though we were just a guest host and weren’t able to see all the goodies in action, we were able to learn about some of the cool features available, like engagement statistics and thank you emails. Later, we even investigated the software ourselves, and as far as webinars go, the software seems pretty intuitive.  

Why doing a joint webinar is good for business

  • Webinars can put you in front of new customers – One of the many perks of doing a webinar is that you get to meet prospective customers. And, because webinars are in video format, it makes it very easy for viewers to get to know the presenter. It helps to portray emotion and personality in a way that blogging often cannot, thereby making it a lot easier to build a connection with the audience.
  • Webinars can be shared online and lead to even more new customers –  Because we did a joint webinar, it made it very easy to be seen by new people. This is because both businesses promote the webinar, and people from both parties show up to view. And, even if the viewers don’t become a direct customer, they learn your name, so if they ever need a service or product like yours, you’ll be one of the top picks. So, on top of sharing valuable information with our customers, we both had the extra perk of presenting to potential leads.
    • Shortly after the webinar, we had a viewer reach out to us for our services. They specifically said they heard about us because of the webinar. So, we found that even though the main point of doing a webinar is to be helpful and insightful on a topic, a bonus perk is new customers.  
  • It can be viewed long after the live version  Even long after the live version, businesses that do webinars have the potential to be seen by new people because live webinars usually end up finding a permanent home on YouTube. Even though the YouTube video of our webinar is probably a specific search query, it can and probably will lead to views. And whether the views on our video are intentional or not, it’s another resource out there to help people find us. Needless to say, our webinar is now living on Youtube. So far, we’ve had about 91 views post going live (not too shabby).


After this experience, we learned that customers enjoy video content and engaging with webinar/video content because it is more interactive than traditional written content. Because of this, we are definitely open to future webinar collaborations, and may even do our own down the line.  


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Megan Mosley (@megsmosley) is the marketing specialist at Referral Rock Software, which helps businesses build and automate referral programs. She focuses her efforts on inbound marketing, writing, and content creation. Visit us at Referral Rock to see how we can help you build your referral program.

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