Fuze Connects Enterprise Video Collaboration Service with Dropbox, Box and Okta

Expanding its cloud ecosystem, Fuze allows secure sign on and user provisioning via Okta and direct content import from Dropbox and Box during Fuze meetings

August 11, 2014, San Francisco, CA – Fuze, a leading enterprise video communication and collaboration service that allows people to work anywhere, today announced partnerships with Dropbox, Box and Okta that further align Fuze to the way people get work done.

“We all need tools that move with us throughout the work day across conversations, locations and devices,” said David Obrand, Fuze CEO. “Fuze works the way you work, bringing people and content together anywhere, and now connects to more of the applications you already use like Dropbox, Box and Okta.”

Simplified access to content from any device with Dropbox and Box
Either before or during a Fuze meeting, users can now simply add files from their Dropbox or Box accounts using their phones, tablets or desktops, improving the ability to collaborate from anywhere. Beyond screen sharing, Fuze allows remote workers and teams to share and annotate content in high definition (HD) and supports a range of content types including full-motion videos, animated presentations, images, documents, etc.

Fuze content sharing and annotation is widely used among leading creative agencies, film studios, gaming companies, schools and industrial design teams, and is a common use case for enterprise marketing, sales and training departments. Customers include Ogilvy, Groupon, Meta Design, CBS Interactive, Connery Consulting, Saint Louis University, Reward Gateway and hundreds of others.

“At Dropbox, we aim to simplify people’s lives and help them be more productive. A big part of that is enabling integrations with the services our customers already use to get work done. By integrating with Dropbox, Fuze is helping its users easily share, discuss, and annotate their documents in any meeting, no matter where they are or what device they’re on,” said Josh Sandberg, platform partnerships at Dropbox.

Enterprise identity management through Okta
Fuze’s integration with Okta’s identity management platform enables enterprises to quickly and securely deploy Fuze across specific teams or the entire organization. As a part of the Okta Application Network, a network of thousands of organizations and applications and millions of people, Fuze can now centrally manage and maintain a single identity profile for any user across any combination of on-premises or cloud-based systems. The integration enables IT to securely manage all those profiles so users can access their work quickly and easily from anywhere.

For Fuze customers, the Okta integration supports secure single sign on, centralized user provisioning and soon, directory integration. This allows companies to personalize employee Fuze accounts with a profile photo, title, phone numbers for the Fuze “Call Me” feature, etc.

“We’re making it safe and easy for our millions of users to access the applications they need to get their work done from absolutely any location and device,” said Chuck Fontana, head of technology alliances at Okta. “Video communication and content sharing is essential for many of these users, and Fuze’s integration into the Okta Application Network will enable IT departments to offer easy, secure access so users can connect from virtually anywhere in the world – empowering them to work more productively and efficiently.”

Expands on existing Outlook, Google Calendar and Microsoft Lync integrations
Fuze already connects to many commonly used applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Microsoft Lync. Calendar integrations allow users to instantly Fuze-enable scheduled meetings, giving internal and external participants flexible options for joining a meeting with rich-media collaboration capabilities including voice and video conferencing, screen sharing, content streaming and annotation, and group chat.

Fuze enhances Microsoft Lync, allowing users to launch Fuze sessions with individuals and groups directly from the presence-enabled Lync contacts, and evolve basic chat sessions to more interactive, voice and video collaboration. Fuze works across organizations and is mobile friendly, helping Lync customers quickly extend real-time collaboration capabilities at lower costs and without heavy IT requirements.

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