Gearing Video Meetings For Results and Relationships


In an age when video calls of all types are so easy and convenient and when businesses now span over continents and around the world, the video meeting finds itself at the heart of most modern businesses. There are many beneficial factors when it comes to video conferencing and for any business looking to take itself seriously, having a good video conference set up is proving absolutely crucial in the work place. If you are new to the idea, then here are some ways in which video conferencing can be invaluable to you and your company.

Many People At Once

“Most of the projects that I oversee are collaborative”, writes Kailan Alcock, senior marketer at WriteMyx and BritStudent. “A few years ago, we had conference calls, which were always sub-optimal. We were never able to tell who was speaking, when. Nowadays I find that half of my working day is spent in a video conference, where I can collaborate with multiple people all the time, with no confusion.” Being able to communicate with a group is extremely beneficial to just about any company and can save money through maintaining a strict economy of time.

Ensure Employees Are More Engaged

Giving employees actual face-time, even if that does mean simply over a screen or monitor, ensures that they are engaged when having conversations. Video blogger from 1day2write and Australia2Write, Jedd Clark, says that “Face-to-face communication is always my go to. It allows you to express yourself more clearly, with the added benefit of body language and facial expression. This will mean that whoever you are talking with will always understand you much more clearly.” Setting a workplace in which all your employees are used to speaking to each other face-to-face fosters a strong environment of communication and collaboration.

Save On Travel

It essentially goes without saying but being able to have a face-to-face conversation with a business partner, departmental team or prospective client usually required one or both of you to travel somewhere to meet. With high quality video conferencing, you can now feel all the value and effects of having met in person, but your company is able to reduce the financial losses and the time drain which is incurred in meetings of that sort.

Improve Employee Happiness

The modern workplace is a shifting zone, in which much change has been instigated in the last couple of decades. Employees expect more from their companies in way of lifestyle benefits and considerations. Often things might mean that an employee needs to have some time away from the office, for sickness, personal reasons, pregnancy and more. A well-adapted workplace will have systems in place whereby employees can feel freed from the shackles of the office whilst still being able to put in the quality and consistency of work that your business demands. A convenient video conference system allows employees who might be working from home, or some other remote location to be in touch with their office at any point, as if they were sitting at their desk.

Join Green Initiatives

Maybe you have always been conscious of your company’s impact on the environment, maybe you’ve only come to appreciate the importance of protecting the environment recently or perhaps you’re just looking to benefit from the various tax cuts and other incentivizing schemes for businesses who stay eco-centric. Whatever the case is, introducing efficient video conferencing can be an excellent way to reduce your emissions, by cutting traveling for meetings, allowing employees to work from home and even saving on the cost of excess paper. You benefit, your company’s reputation benefits and, most importantly, the environment benefits.


Video conferencing can almost seem like it is bordering on the futuristic, with many companies now offering whole wall-sized screens to project your conversation onto, or conference rooms with screens and cameras sprouting all along the desk. There’s nothing to fear here, and in fact it is an extremely useful tool for just about any company, no matter how small. Video conferencing can span from a simple facetime over a mobile phone all the way up to a giant projector, but whatever works for you, you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits instantly.


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