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Continuing our weekly tradition, it is now time to pick our Geek of the Week. For those of you still not familiar with this column (blasphemy!): For a little over one year now, we have run our weekly ‘Geek of the Week’ column. This column focuses on someone this past week who has made a difference in the ‘cloud’ market. As is the case every week, especially with an incredible amount of information to sift through, it makes it very difficult to choose a winner. More importantly, the “little guys” generally have a much harder time winning Geek of the Week simply because cloud industry giants are either coming up with game changing stuff or buying these technologies. So when we come across lesser known companies who really are trying to revolutionize the space they are in, we get extra excited. All that said, let’s get to it!

We are proud to announce that this week’s geek of the week is Krish Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueJeans. BlueJeans was in the news earlier this week when it noted their partnership with Arkadin to provide one click video conferencing services.

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