Google Chat vs Webex: How to Choose Between Two Giants


Story by Janet Gogo, Mio Dispatch

Both Google and Cisco have major claims when it comes to chat platforms. Google has Google Chat and Cisco has Webex.

While there are obvious similarities (both support basic chat functions like messaging, file uploads, GIFs, etc.), there are some striking differences that set these two apart.

In this post, we’re going to compare the best bits of Google Chat vs Webex, and leave you ready to make an informed decision on which one is best for you.
Why is Google Chat so good?

If you already use Google Workspace, chances are you would find Google Chat more convenient for team collaboration.

With Google Chat, you can easily communicate with team members and collaborate with them via other Google Workspace tools like Drive, Calendar, and Gmail.

Because its interface is clean and similar to Gmail, employees will find it easier to navigate.
Google Chat interface

Another feature that makes Google Chat so good is its smart suggestion for quick replies and automated workflows.

Smart suggestion uses artificial intelligence technology to provide suggestions for quick replies in conversations and automate workflows.

The AI technology analyzes the context of the conversation and provides relevant suggestions in real-time, saving users time and effort.

For example, in a group chat about arranging a meeting, the AI technology may suggest responses like “Sounds good” or “I’m available then” when someone suggests a meeting time.

A chatbot could also be integrated into the same group chat to automate the process of booking a meeting room. The chatbot would respond to specific commands like “book room,” and then prompt users for the desired room, date, and time.

The chatbot would then automatically reserve the room and send a confirmation to the chat.

This automated workflow makes it easier and more convenient for users to book meeting rooms without leaving the chat conversation.

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