Grudi Associates is Utilizing New VC, Web Conferencing and Teleconferencing Capabilities

Grudi Associates is using new capabilities in video conferencing, web conferencing and teleconferencing to connect companies, customers, team members and others, while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

September 30, 2014, Harrisburg, PA – Grudi Associates is using a wide variety of new teleconferencing capabilities to assist its customers in connecting their people through economical, highly reliable conferencing services. The many benefits include stronger relationships, improved service, enhanced efficiency, quicker response times, better bottom lines and more. In addition, conferencing is an attractive option for businesses committed to sustainability.

“If you havent looked into conferencing recently, you will discover that the landscape has changed a great deal, says Walt Grudi, President of Grudi Associates, a leading provider of telecom and IT services in Central PA and beyond. An array of new opportunities now exists, from basic audio conferencing and Web conferencing to increasingly affordable video conferencing and powerful unified communications. Businesses can quickly and economically add capabilities, productivity efficiency and cost savings.

Traditional conferencing was essentially conference calling. Grudi Associates is now able to provide high-power, feature-rich business tools, offering extensive business advantages    Build Sales & Bottom Line the advantages of conferencing add revenue and save expenses that go right into the profit column.

  • Expand Capabilities conferencing enables a business to do things it would otherwise be unable to do if travel or face-to-face meetings were required.
  • Act Immediately an audio, Web or video conference can be instantly initiated and issues can be resolved without waiting for people to get together.
  • Work Efficiently conferencing saves the time of coordinating, scheduling, getting to and from meetings and follow up.
  • Reduce Travel eliminate the time, expense and hassle of unnecessary trips, whether they are across the facility or around the world.
  • Save Money on reduced travel, staff time, entertainment expense and more.
  • Build Relationships conferencing enables a business to connect more often and more closely with customers, prospects, suppliers, offsite employees, etc.
  • Focus on Key Priorities less travel and more efficient contacts allow staff to spend their time on other critically important activities.
  • Sustainability conferencing is a far more environmentally efficient and responsible way to communicate. This is becoming increasingly important to some customers and companies.

“Conferencing services can be considered by their delivery methods, which include Premise-Based or Hosted (cloud-based), and by the conferencing type,” says Grudi. “Determining the right combination of services depends on a business’s individual needs and budget. There are now excellent, high-value solutions at any level.”

Audio – basic phone service with multiple connections, or bridges, that enable two to many people to join in a conversation.
Web – a combination of audio conferencing and content sharing for two to many people utilizing computers, tablets or smartphones to log onto a cloud-based service that manages the call.

Video conferencing services that enable each participant to see and be seen by all others in real time. This was previously very expensive, but new technology has made it affordable for most businesses. It ranges from very high quality to basic, economy levels.

Unified Communications the integration of several forms of communication into one system, such as voice, Web, video, instant messaging, email, fax and more. It enables businesses to communicate more efficiently and economically by putting all its capabilities at every users fingertips all at the same time.

Telecom conferencing in its variety of forms reduces the need for time-consuming travel and face-to-face meetings, says Grudi. It also makes it a lot easier, more efficient and less expensive to greatly increase the number and frequency of touches with clients, vendors, staff and more. It is well worth exploring.

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