Hands-on with Microsoft Teams


Story by Brian Heater, TechCrunch

Microsoft Teams throws a lot of you, right out of the gate. That’s because competitors like Slack already have a sizable head start on Microsoft’s workplace collaboration tool. More to the point, though, is that, while the company is late to the party, it’s got about as good a business suite infrastructure as anyone can ask for, from Office 365 to Skype. In a lot of ways, the tools were there all along – Microsoft just had to find a compelling way to bring them altogether.

It’s thanks to that constant presence of other apps in that ecosystem that there’s no question that this is a Microsoft offering, through and through. And while Slack, understandably, will get name-checked a fair amount when discussing the new collaboration tool, the software giant has taken a very cleanly organized business approach that sets it apart from that chief competitor.

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