Hands-On With Surface Hub: Microsoft’s Huge Tablet Has Some Productivity Holes

We expected to see Cortana and more multitasking features, but Microsoft says some of the limitations are by design.

Story by Mark Hachman, CIO

For $21,999, I expected a little more from Microsoft’s new Surface Hub.

Don’t get me wrong: the Hub’s 84-inch 4K touchscreen, flanked by a pair of eye-height, 1080p cameras, videoconferencing, and full Windows 10 capabilities—all makes for one very impressive package, especially when it dominates one wall of a room. Heck, it practically is the wall.

But what Microsoft executives called “version 1.0” of the Surface Hub lacks capabilities I can’t help but think most customers would expect. There’s no co-inking. Presentations can be saved, but just as a final image—you can’t save audio or a “recording” of the collaboration. Cortana is absent. You can use Windows 10’s nifty “snap” feature to shift windows across the screen, but only two can be shown at a time.

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