Hangouts to Launch Google Translate Feature to Take on Skype Translator


Story by The Fuse Joplin

Skype is one of the leading providers of VoIP services and this can be attributed to the amazing quality and features that this application offers users when it comes to this niche.

Some of the features offered by Skype include free voice and video calling as well as messaging services. Users can also enjoy free video conferencing using Skype, a feature that has been very much appreciated by business people as they can be able to hold meetings virtually and thus save on extra travelling costs.

Google Hangouts on the other hand is a new entrant in the VoIP niche and despite being new, it has the massive backing of the Google brand name and in order to make use of this application, you only need a Gmail account and that’s it. Users of Hangouts can make free voice and video calls to each other regardless of their global locations.

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