HD Video Reference Design Lowers Cost of Multi-Channel H.264 1080p Videoconferencing

VOCAL Technologies’ multi-channel H.264 1080p video reference design with HD audio lowers the cost of high definition videoconferencing.

August 20, 2014 – VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading designer of communications solutions, announced their latest HD video reference design. Made to facilitate high definition video conferencing, the VOCAL design allows simultaneous conferencing between two to four clients at video resolutions ranging from QCIF to full HD (1080P). VOCAL’s design enables the video and wideband audio conferencing in ProConnections’ latest ProMCS series of telemedicine products.

ProConnections produces the MediaLink audio/visual communications systems for enhanced medical consultation and patient care in ICU and other health care facilities. VOCAL’s design provides high quality audio at a wide range of video resolutions, and supports multiple media streams simultaneously. Media characteristics are also automatically adapted to match the available network bandwidth. Taken together, these features provide caregivers the opportunity to conference with remote patients in situations where previous technology could not be deployed. As noted by Michael O’Dea, CEO at ProConnections, “Video conferencing is one of the tools that show great promise in helping to reduce the cost of delivering medical care. VOCAL’s reference design provides an excellent platform on which to base this next generation of telemedicine products.”

VOCAL’s HD video reference design is built on the Texas Instruments DI Vinci DM816x media engine. The DM816X supports multi-channel H.264 video at QCIF to 1080p resolution using standard video codecs. “The DM8168 is capable of delivering multiple HD and SD channels. However, the standard BSP supports running only a single video channel at a time,” explains George Dante, Project Engineer at VOCAL, “Our design supports simultaneous streams with a range of decoders, a key feature our customers really want.” The reference design software includes VoIP protocols with statistics for custom signaling and data stream control, while the hardware enables full access to the DM8168 physical interfaces.

The VOCAL media engine software provides a comprehensive framework for developers. As delivered, the toolkit provides H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression, VoIP protocols, and a range of wideband audio codecs including G.711, G.722.2, G.729AB and Opus. VOCAL’s extensive experience with VOIP is apparent in the wide range of audio library functions, including acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, de-reverberation and beamforming. The VOCAL framework enables developers to create a superior audio video experience with crystal clear sound and smooth high definition video capture and display.

“Our HD video reference design is the foundation for complete audio video conferencing solutions that handle signaling and high definition video and audio processing,” adds David Jamieson, Business Development at VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. “Our clients can quickly bring products to market at lower cost, using the latest audio and video technologies to meet their user’s needs.”

About ProConnections
Founded in 2003, ProConnections provides innovative video solutions to medical and industrial customers. The first ever bi-directional video monitoring solution for ICU rooms was delivered by ProConnections in 2007 as one of the original telemedicine projects. This reliable appliance facilitated real time conferencing between patients and care givers. Today, ProConnections has an installed base of over 7000 units, and continues to ship third generation product to ICUs throughout the United States. For more information, visit http://www.proconnections.com.

Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative telecommunications and networking solutions for OEM customers worldwide. The company develops communications solutions for a range of business, military, and consumer products. VOCAL is dedicated to providing cost effective software and hardware designs under license for video, voice, data, and facsimile (fax) applications with support for leading DSP, ARM and other processors. For more information, visit http://www.vocal.com.

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