Highfive Customers Spend the Equivalent of 23 Years Talking to Their Coworkers Each Month

Girl Scouts of Northern California Joins Evernote, Compass, Betterment, and Thousands of Businesses Whose Employees Talk to Each Other’s Faces via Highfive’s WebRTC-Powered Video Conferencing Technology

May 11, 2017, Redwood City, CA – Highfive, the insanely simple video conferencing company making meetings awesome, today announced that more people than ever are switching to Highfive’s solution, with companies spending 12 million minutes — or about 23 years — in Highfive meetings each month, up 160% from 2016. Highfive’s customer base, one of the fastest-growing in the industry with almost 100 new customers per month, now includes the Girl Scouts of Northern California, who joins companies like Evernote, Compass, and Betterment, in switching to Highfive to train new employees, improve hiring practices, and build better relationships.

In the US, we spend a lot of time in meetings — 37% of total employee time in fact, according to the National Statistics Council. For Highfive customers, that amounts to 23 years’ worth of conversations every month, and those meetings are spent focusing less on annoying technical issues and more on productive collaboration. For the Girl Scouts of Northern California, this means they can more effectively onboard new employees every summer across their 6 offices and multiple camp locations, reducing unnecessary travel.

“Highfive has vastly improved the hiring efficiency for all our offices and camps,” said Glenn Rogers, Girl Scouts of Northern California’s acting CIO. “It’s easy to use and far more affordable than other options, and what really got my attention though was how straightforward it was to get up and running — we got the device, plugged it in, and it all worked so well that we ended up immediately buying the solution for five more rooms. I’m glad we did, because it meant we were able to easily add video communication to these locations that weren’t previously video-enabled, and having Highfive has made a huge difference in terms of building lasting relationships with our new employees and facilitating more effective meetings.”

Headquartered in Alameda, CA, the Girl Scouts of Northern California has locations spanning over 300 miles, with offices covering half the State of California. Having Highfive means employees no longer have to travel all over the state just to meet face-to-face — now they can simply hop on a Highfive call. While the company accumulates fewer hotel rewards points as a result, they’ve seen an improvement in communication efficiency and productivity.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California joins Highfive’s rapidly growing customer base in making meeting rooms more productive and engaging (while saving on travel time). Thanks to recent technological improvements like the shift to WebRTC, customers are more efficient and effective with their time than ever before.

“We know that meeting rooms tend to be areas of frustration for many people, and we are focused on making those meetings as pain-free as possible — and the introduction of WebRTC means that users now benefit from an even better experience,” said Shan Sinha, CEO of Highfive.

“As a result, more companies than ever are using Highfive for seamless video conferencing that works whether you’re on a phone, laptop, or in a meeting room. We just passed the milestone of 110,000 meetings per month for YoY growth of 130%, and we are committed to ensuring that collaborative organizations like the Girl Scouts of Northern California can enjoy every minute they spend together in meetings, rather than struggling with piles of archaic dongle technology.”

About Highfive
Highfive makes meetings awesome with insanely simple video conferencing built for your meeting rooms. With Highfive there are no cables, dongles, or remote controls. Instead, it’s a modern, all-in-one solution with sleek hardware and integrated cloud-based conferencing software at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Highfive is based in Redwood City, California, and backed by General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and GV (Google Ventures). For more information, visit www.highfive.com


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