Highfive In-Room Video Use Growing Like Gangbusters


Story by Beth Schultz

Since launching six months ago, the in-room video system startup has seen rapid uptake, with video call volumes heading toward 1 million minutes weekly.

As I’ve written previously, video conferencing is at a crossroads in the enterprise. While room system vendors are starting to deliver better quality and improved user experiences at sub-$1,000 prices, they’re battling against a host of desktop and mobile video apps for attention.

Enterprise IT managers often find themselves trying to decide between outfitting huddle rooms with video systems or letting users bring the video capability into the rooms with them via their video-enabled devices. As Andrew Davis, senior partner and analyst at Wainhouse Research, told me when I wrote that piece: “You don’t need to have a lot of video conferencing rooms if everybody has an iPad, iPhone, or Windows machine and you’ve given them all video conferencing licenses. … To the extent that we’re all on mobile devices, by and large the conference room is becoming more virtual than it is physical.”

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  1. Ryan, its a valid question. Many industry analysts have questioned Highfive’s strategy when it comes to interop. It will be very interesting to see how the market continues to treat this offering.

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