Highfive Launches and Seeks the Road Not Taken


Story by Andrew Davis

A startup is pushing high-quality video and audio on easy-to-use hardware linked to a dedicated service–sold direct, rather than through video reseller channels.

Highfive came out of stealth mode earlier this month with one of the slickest room video conferencing systems we’ve seen in a long time. The product photo above gives you some sense of its industrial design, but the real story is how the company has integrated product + price + positioning + GoToMarket in a way unlike others who have been in this market.

Before getting into the interesting subtleties, here are some basics on Highfive:

1) The product is a complete videoconferencing system that needs only power, network, and an HDMI connection to a monitor. It sits easily on top of a flat panel display. It comes in a very “Apple-like” professional packaging. The HD camera is fixed focal length, but wide angle (120 degrees)–ideal for small conference rooms. The unit has four embedded microphones and an audio DSP that provide exceptional audio quality that you would usually associate with table-top microphones only. Screen sharing is supported as well (wireless).

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