Highfive Raises $32 Million For Its Video Conferencing System


Story by Ryan Lawler

It’s only been four months since Highfive‘s video conferencing units have been available, but already the company is seeing incredible traction among early customers. So much so that the startup has raised an additional $32 million in Series B funding to ramp up its sales machine and get its hardware in even more conference rooms around the world.

Highfive has built a video conferencing solution that includes an $800 piece of hardware that can easily be connected to any TV in a conference room and capture video and audio thanks to a 1080p video camera, a high-fidelity mic array, and a wireless chip. That wireless chip is important, because the other part of its system is a cloud-based conferencing solution that can be streamed through desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Co-founder Shan Sinha dreams of a day in which every conference room in the world is wired and ready to do video conferencing. And his hope is that each of those rooms will have a Highfive video conferencing unit equipped to do so.

Early demand has given Highfive reason to be optimistic. In the first 90 days, more than 500 companies have signed up and adopted its system. That includes companies like Patagonia, Slack, and Warby Parker. Some of them, like Zenefits, are putting a unit in every conference room, as a way to connect with employees, partners, and customers.

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