How AI Can Uplift the Videoconferencing Experience

Webex’s Robyn Rawlings shares the most impactful AI-driven solutions that can enhance today’s videoconferencing experiences.

Story by Robyn Rawlings, Commercial Integrator

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a mainstay in our everyday lives. Whether it be text-to-image generators like DALL-E or language processing tools like ChatGPT, sophisticated AI tools are revolutionizing the way we work.

That’s especially true in the hybrid workplace, where organizations are searching for new ways to bridge the gap between distributed employees. Given this challenge, it’s no wonder that videoconferencing has emerged as AI’s next step in revolutionizing how we live and work.

Let’s explore AI’s role in videoconferencing and how its latest innovations are improving the meeting experience.
The Rise of AI-Powered Videoconferencing

It should come as no surprise that demand for videoconferencing apps has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic in spring 2020. Without question, virtual meetings are the bedrock of hybrid work, enabling organizations to seamlessly connect and collaborate across a distributed workforce.

This uptick in demand runs parallel with the emergence of several new competitors in the videoconferencing market. In turn, vendors have been compelled to improve their services by releasing feature-rich additions to their existing applications.

AI technologies have also advanced in leaps and bounds over the same period. In fact, reports show that AI adoption is 2.5 times greater now than it was in 2017. The market is projected to skyrocket twentyfold by 2030 to nearly $2 trillion.

Now, the two worlds are converging. Leading platforms are weaving AI capabilities into their videoconferencing tools to enhance the meeting experience for maximum productivity and performance.

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