How much return are we getting for our video investment?


Story by Roger Farnsworth 

By adding video to your work environment employees are able to defy distance and work effectively from practically anywhere. This enables organisations to see cost savings versus traditional work streams such as; web conferencing, telephony, travel and even physical office real-estate. A successfully implemented Unified Communication (UC) solution not only delivers more efficient communications and better collaboration, but can provide measurable cost saving benefits.

Of course there are costs and expenses associated with deploying the UC solution that delivers these savings, so how do you know when you’ve got the balance right?

As the IT manager, you are not only under pressure to deliver high-quality, available and reliable video collaboration tools, but you are increasingly being held accountable to realise the highest possible return from the related investment.There is nothing worse than being unprepared and unable to answer that all important question of: “Can you provide us with an update regarding ROI on our video investment?”

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