How much Video at Cisco?


Story by Rich Gore

We use a lot of video at Cisco. A recent tally shows that Cisco totals over 24,000 video calls every day, which raises a pretty big question: why do we use so much video at Cisco? 

Video started at Cisco (like so many things in the corporate world) with meetings. We have a lot of meetings where people and teams collaborate to make expensive business decisions. Or build the next big engineering breakthrough. Or just move a project one step closer to completion.

Most of those meetings are face-to-face – because being in the same room with someone lets you understand them better, and understand how they really feel about something. You need this level of understanding to build a high-functioning team, to reach major decisions, and to plan complex tasks. When everyone understands and is engaged and enthusiastic about the same goal, you can begin working productively together. And for that, you really need to see them.

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