How to Choose? Best of Breed vs. Single Solution

Whether best of breed or single source, an enterprise should consider its needs, regulatory requirements, and other factors before deciding on a UC solution.

Story by Elizabeth (Beth) English, No Jitter

Rather than achieving the goal of consolidating platforms, unified communications (UC) seems to have accomplished the opposite – creating disparate solutions with users either having too many means of connecting or not enough. Like my colleagues, I’ve become so accustomed to communicating through collaborative platforms that it seems draconian when I can’t share a document, quickly “ping” someone on a chat, or easily convert a chat into a video call. Instead of UC, it seems we’ve developed more of a “pan communications” situation.

Is Sole Enough?
While my reasons for having multiple platforms might be different (I communicate with clients in their preferred method), having more than one communication modality is the rule, rather than the exception in most enterprises. While organizations might restrict communications protocols that aren’t supported, shadow applications are frequently utilized because they’re easier to use, provide additional functions outside the corporate solution, and are often “free.”

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