How to get the best out of video conferencing


Story by Alison Coleman

High speed 4G mobile connectivity has driven growth in video conferencing and virtual meetings, but there are rules to be observed, writes Alison Coleman.

As more and more businesses look to work flexibly, remotely and increasingly, globally, one of the biggest challenges they face is maintaining clear lines of communication that can span geographical distance and time zones and keep everyone working effectively as a team.

The communication channel of choice for growing numbers of them is video conferencing. This is hardly surprising, given that the technology behind it is delivering better quality results, and becoming more accessible; for example, business application Microsoft Office 365 has an inclusive video conferencing service.

In a survey of global business leaders carried out last year by communications technology company Polycom and Redshift Research, 52% said that they expected video conferencing to be their preferred method of communication by 2016.

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