How to Work Faster, Collaborate Better & Leverage Time


Story by Lee Traupel

Let’s face it, email, Skype and Word docs are not great for collaboration.

They are old school dinosaurs and productivity killers for many.

Whiteboards covered in post it notes were not much better; even using geeky collaboration “web enabled” boards with video conferencing functionality.

Dropbox has given us all the ability to share docs, see updates with some onboard collaboration tools; but the feature set is limited.

Trello, a browser (cloud) based app, is a significant improvement over past methods and tech tools – enabling teams of people easily collaborate on projects.

The User Interface is good (a bit geeky), it’s feature rich (free version) and will help many of you manage projects large and small, with teams of people collaborating easily.

Yes, there is an associated learning curve; but, it’s not significant for most, as mapped out below.

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