How Video Conferencing has made an impact on Online Education


Story by PC Tech Magazine

It is reported that the first Peer to Peer experience of video conferencing was courtesy of AT&T, through its Picture Phone device. The gadget was unveiled in the 1960’s at the New York World Fair. Price then was exorbitant and the appeal was highly luxurious. As a result, it wasn’t a big hit for years to come. Come 1976, certain improvements were made and a promotion was made for commercial use, the first demonstration was done between Tokyo and Osaka. Slowly, video conferencing gained more users. With the advent of digital transmission in the 80’s in which voice and video are both transferred into electrical pulses, followed by ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network, video conferencing started becoming a reliable and attractive means to communication. With innovations, two voice and video signals can be transferred simultaneously. Increase in frames transferred per second was also developed as well as sizing which was small enough to fit into personal computers. The 1990’s gave commercial video conferencing its first fair price.

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