How Video Conferencing is More Effective Than Shooting Business E-mails


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Emailing is an essential component of modern day business. Co-workers email back and forth, even when they work in the same building, even in the next cubicle sometimes. Email is an easy form of communication, but it is not always the most effective. Email is a static form of communication that is open to misinterpretation, more so than face-to-face communication. Even talking on the phone can limit effective communication. About 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, according to the research of Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages.

Talking to a co-worker or employee face-to-face is easy when you are all in the same building. However, when team members work remotely, it can be really difficult to create face-to-face meetings, so they often rely upon emailing and telephone calls. With video conferencing programs, such as Blue Jeans Video Meetings, you can virtually engage face-to-face with your team members to boost the productivity and efficiently of the team. You can even do so using your mobile phone while on the go.

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