How Younger Generations are Taking Video Marketing to Another Level


Ask almost any marketing expert, and they’ll be quick to tell you how important video marketing is for a business’s success. In fact, 92% of marketers believe it’s a crucial component to a successful strategy. That number continues to grow each year.

Unfortunately, too many businesses still aren’t utilizing video marketing the way they should. Why? Simply put, it can be difficult. There’s a lot to learn to create quality content that will grab the attention of an audience.

That’s where younger generations step in.

For Millennials and Gen Z especially, video marketing seems to come more naturally. Why is that? What should you do about it? By understanding how younger generations are changing the game when it comes to video marketing, you’ll be more eager to get them on your team.

So, let’s take a look at how they’re raising the stakes, and how you can utilize their natural skills.

They Were Born With It

One of the most obvious reasons why younger generations are better with video marketing is because they’ve grown up with it. They don’t know a world without iPhones and editing software. Nowadays, kids can start editing short videos from their phones through platforms like:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp

These might seem rudimentary, but they are all great springboards in getting young kids comfortable with how video editing works. They know from a very early age that they have online resources at their fingertips to help them with the capturing and editing process.

In this world of social media, younger generations are also more likely to want to brainstorm with others. For some, that might include mind mapping. For others, things like rapid ideation and starbursting are better techniques. Younger generations aren’t afraid to embrace the ideas of others to create better content. They’re growing up in a world where video marketing isn’t just important – it’s huge. So huge that 60% of Millennials prefer to watch a company video than read a newsletter.

Because younger generations understand the importance of video marketing, they’re often looking for ways to make it better so they can stand out. That involves getting as creative as possible.

They Know How to Expand the Field

So, what are these generations doing to expand the video marketing field? For starters, they aren’t afraid to do their research. YouTube may have started over 15 years ago, but it remains an incredible resource. Those interested in video marketing can spend 30 minutes watching a YouTube video about a particular topic and potentially learn more about it than they would through a class. This makes the learning experience fun, and more likely to stick with them.

It also teaches them how to make quality videos in the process, showing them exactly what they need. That includes:

  • Quality equipment/gear
  • A plan in place before every shoot
  • Knowledge of lighting schemes
  • A lot of basic shot coverage
  • The right editing software

There are also many generational differences when it comes to collaboration. Younger generations aren’t going to be afraid to reach out to people online for tips. From Reddit forums to YouTube comments, they’ll often be willing to work with strangers and co-workers alike to come up with the perfect video and to keep pushing the content envelope to stand out.

How You Can Utilize Younger Video Marketers

If you manage a business and you understand how important video marketing is, hiring a Millennial or someone from Gen Z can take your strategy to a completely different level.

But, how can you attract younger individuals to your business and make it worth their while? First, understand what they value. Today’s generations are less motivated by money and more interested in communication, experiences, and a healthy work-life balance. Your work environment needs to be competitive, but rewarding.

When you start to look at things from a different generation’s perspective, it becomes easier to see where you might need to make changes. The days of little-to-no collaboration are gone. These generations don’t want everyone in their own private cubicles all day. They want to share creative spaces and work with one another. That leads to more ideas for videos, but it can also improve other areas of your business, including sales and additional marketing endeavors.

If you’re willing to adjust your business culture to appeal to younger generations, you’ll boost your chance of success almost immediately. Not only can Millennials and Gen Zers help you with your video content, but they can breathe new life into your company and p potentially provide fresh, interesting ideas that no one else could have thought of. Your business needs to stay true to itself. But, flexibility is a good thing, especially when you’re trying to hire someone new, young, and extremely talented.


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