Hug Your Kid When You’re out of Town with the Cushybot One Telepresence Robot


Story by Brittany Vincent, Tom’s Hardware

For children with long-distance parents, things can get a little lonely. Home robotics company Cushybots wants to change this with a new telepresence robot, the Cushybot One, launching today on Indiegogo.

The Cushybot One is an adorable robot kids can snuggle and hug while parents control it from afar to interact with their kids. It’s meant to help simulate a parent’s loving embrace, as if the parent were right in the room instead of across the country or even across the globe. It’s designed specifically for younger children who may not engage as readily during video chats, offering a better and more efficient way for parent and child to communicate and get some quality time in.

To accomplish this, the Cushybot One has controllable arms that let parents pick up toys, hug and interact with children in ways that were previously difficult to do, given the distance. It can also travel at up to 1.2 miles per hour (0.5m/s). Making things even simpler, the robot was designed with a non-technical user interface to keep it accessible and simple to use. Cushybot One is controllable via the PC or mobile (Android/iOS app).

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