The IMCCA View From The Road from CES 2017


Story by David Danto, IMCCA

Greetings from Las Vegas, where I’m attending the 50th anniversary of CES (formerly known as International CES and The Consumer Electronics Show. If you’re curious about the past, take a peek at the CES timeline here.) I couldn’t get a clear photo of the anniversary sign above because of the enormous number of people at the show. It was a record all around, with an estimated 165,000 attendees, 3,800 exhibitors and more press and media than the 2016 Summer Olympic Games – and getting around the venues and through the crowds was an Olympic event unto itself. With the Press and Analyst events starting Tuesday, the Expo over on Sunday, and events, showcases, demos and meetings starting at dawn and going late into every evening, all attendees should win a gold medal for marathon endurance. Big kudos as well to the CES team for the logistics this year. Their app was top-notch for the first time in a long while. The convention areas had fantastic cellular coverage. (I can remember a couple of years ago having to walk outside to use my smart device – now it was perfectly reliable everywhere.) Even Monorail tickets could be pre-loaded on convention badges – and worked flawlessly. Way to go CES team!

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David Danto has over three decades of experience providing problem solving leadership and innovation in media and UC technologies for various firms including AT&T, Bloomberg LP, and Morgan Stanley. He is currently the Principal Consultant for collaboration, video, and AV disciplines at Dimension Data, as well as IMCCA’s Director of Emerging Technology. Email David at to learn how he can help your organization solve problems, develop a future-proof collaboration strategy for internal use, or develop user-focused go-to-market strategies for your collaboration product or service. The opinions expressed in David’s commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video.

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