Improving Education Through Video Conferencing


Story by Sally Hall

Education remains a top priority worldwide, and going by the world trends, distance learning, tutoring, and advanced interventions have become popular options. Given that 21 million British households had access to the Internet in 2013, technology has improved accessibility to education. These initiatives continue and technology advances, it is likely that education and such experiences will improve as well. Video conferencing in particular has a large and growing role to play in this. Here are some of the trends you can expect to see grow and continue to expand.

Investing in Virtual Field Trips and Tours

Despite dips in the world economy in recent years, funding for education has continued to grow. Investments in new technology, facilities, and qualified teachers means that educators are ready for the wave of the future.

Through services like Blue Jeans HD video conferencing, teachers can take their students on virtual tours of museums, even if they’re several countries away. A class trip to The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, for example, would require a princely sum for the airfare. However, Virtual Free Sites has put together a series of virtual museums, real time tours, and cities so that students and the just curious can explore the world with all its wonders and excitement without leaving the comfort of their home or classroom. These types of technological advances continue to make distance learning more viable than ever, opening up a world of education that would have previously been unavailable.

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